A Better Way to Learn Vocabulary

Leksi Uses a Research Driven Approach to Give Students a Better Way to Learn.

About Leksi

Using a research driven approach, Leksi helps students learn and use new vocabulary. Students are walked through multiple activities that help build and reinforce connections in the brain for each new word. The process brings them from basic activities, such as spelling vocabulary, to more complicated exercises such as composing a short story or poem.

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The Problem

There’s a positive correlation between a student’s vocabulary size in grade 12, the likelihood that she will graduate from college, and her future level of income.

Dr. E.D. Hirsch, Jr.

Although it may not seem like it, the number of words that a child learns throughout their schooling is a key indicator of their future success. Simply put, the more vocabulary a child is exposed to, the better their chances at a brighter future.

A strong vocabulary helps reading comprehension, which is invaluable as a student ages and deals with increasingly difficult assignments. If their vocabulary knowledge is limited early on, then their academics can suffer as they make their way through high school. This difficulty stops many students from attending college, and for others, it means they’re unable to graduate high school.

A small vocabulary affects literacy. This can destroy any chance a student can have at a future.

Luckily, with the right tools, one can expand their vocabulary. And at any age.

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The Leksi Road

For years, the most common way to learn vocabulary has been brute repetition, for example flashboards and memorization drills. Unfortunately, this style of learning comes at a cost. Often, a student can recite the word and its definition but does not possess a true concept of the meaning. So, if they encounter the word, they may recognize it, but fail to comprehend its intended purpose. This hurts literacy.

So, Leksi takes a new approach. Based on scientific studies and years of research, the Leksi Road has students complete multiple activities of varying difficulty on their journey to master each new vocabulary term. From traditional memorization techniques (such as spelling) to our Leksi Tales and Word Relationship games, it’s an expedition designed to give a true understanding to our students.

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We Care About Students

Leksi’s mission doesn’t stop at an online app. We know that students are the future, so we go above and beyond to instill a love of education wherever we go.

That’s why we host the Harlem Spelling Bee, where we recognize the courage and determination of all Harlem students.

Built in the Classroom

Leksi was built during the spare minutes that could be found in the classroom. Because we understand how challenging (and rewarding) it can be to teach, we designed the Leksi Interface to be as friendly and helpful as possible.

  • Easy to Use – You can set up a classroom and student accounts in a matter of minutes.
  • Stats – Know who is using Leksi the most, keep track of those who are mastering their words, and which students could use a bit of help.
  • Keep an Eye Out - Sometimes, students can be mischievous. For the activities that feature open-ended responses, you’ll be able to check over work to make sure students are completing them correctly.

Our Results

93% of scholars would recommend Leksi to their friends

The extra practice Leksi afforded my scholars enabled them to master new words more quickly and more deeply than before.

Leana P., Friends Seminary Middle School Teacher

66% of scholars used Leksi outside of the classroom

Helps you really know the words, love it!

5th Grader, Friends Seminary Middle School

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