Our Approach

Based on proven research, our game-like activities motivate and help scholars learn and use new vocabulary. For every word a student adds to their list, they complete the activities below en route towards mastering that word. To get a better idea of what it is, watch the 60-second clip and/or read the descriptions below.

The Fundamentals
Start with the basics.

Level 1
Speed Spelling

Type the target word as fast as you can. See if you can beat your previous typing record and earn even more Linero each time you type the word.

Level 2
Jumbled Letters

The letters for the target word have been mixed up and it's up to you to correctly put them back together.

Level 3
Say It Right

Hear the pronunciation for the target word and say it right yourself.

Level 4
Decisions, Decisions

You have the power to make important choices in this Level - be careful with the decisions you make.

Level 5

Figure out whether the scenarios are an example - or not! - of the target word.

Level 6
Syns vs Ants

Match the synonym and antonym pairs for the target word.

Battle of the Words
Step your game up.

Level 7

Earn lots of Linero by picking a category and amount and then answering the question correctly. Of course, if you answer incorrectly, then you'll lose Linero.

Level 8
Match 'Em All

Game and description coming soon.

Unleash your creativity.

Level 9
Sentence Stems

Meet us halfway by finishing the given sentences for the target word.

Level 10
Word Relationships

Some words can be more alike than you think! Determine how the given words can relate to each other.

Level 11
Leksi Tale

Create a short story, poem, rap, etc. with at least three of your words. This can be real or fake so have fun with it.

Level 12
Describe Me, Describe Me Not

Hmmm...would you want to be described by the target word? In this Level, you'll briefly explain why.

In Perpetuum
Practice makes (almost) perfect.

Level X
In My Life

Did you see or hear any of your words in the media, magazines, TV, social media, etc.? If so, let us know and earn some serious Linero!