About the Bee

The Power of Words

A good education can change a child’s future, and that education starts with the words they know. A student’s vocabulary size by grade 12 can affect the likelihood that they will graduate from college and the income they will earn in life. By giving them a chance to expand their vocabulary, the Harlem Spelling Bee can help students secure their future.

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Giving Students a Chance to Shine

The Harlem Spelling Bee fosters a fun and competitive learning environment that helps build each student’s reading and writing skills. This environment provides the contestants a chance to show off their academic ability and to be recognized for their hard work.

Every student who is enrolled has the chance to become a champion.

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Building the Harlem Community

One of the core beliefs of the Harlem Spelling Bee is the promotion of literacy and education within the Harlem Community. Children with access to the right educational opportunities have a higher chance of graduating from college and have a larger income potential. The Spelling Bee, powered by its sponsors and the Leksi vocabulary and spelling app provides this opportunity to all schools within the Harlem community.

Together, we have a chance to bring our home to greater heights than ever before.

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It’s More Than Just a Few Words

Contestants in the Spelling Bee learn far more than new vocabulary words. They learn just how important hard work is, and all the things they can accomplish when they set their mind to it and put forth strong and consistent effort. They learn that they have the opportunity to both change their lives and impact the world in ways they never thought possible.

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Leksi's 2nd Harlem Spelling Bee

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