2nd Harlem Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee is Broken into Two Phases for the Competing Students

Round 1
Local School Competition

This is an online exam that tests each student’s vocabulary. The Local School Competition is used to determine which students from each school make it to the finals for the Main Event. The students who score the highest on this test from each grade will become Finalists.

Round 2
Main Event

This is the exciting on-stage portion of the Harlem Spelling Bee. Known as the Main Event, the finalists will be quizzed on their ability to spell their words in front of an audience of their friends and family. It determines the top three winners per grade, who will spell their way to victory one letter at a time.

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To enter the 2nd Harlem Spelling Bee, a teacher or coordinator from an elementary or middle school (Grades 1-8) must enroll their school by completing the form down below.

There are three different enrollment periods, i.e. Early Bird, Advanced, and Regular, when the teacher or coordinator can register. See the Timeline section below for the exact dates.

High schoolers, don't worry! There will be a Harlem Spelling Bee for you, too, in early 2018. Stay tuned!


  • Early Bird Enrollment: $45 per classroom
  • Advanced Enrollment: $60 per classroom
  • Regular Enrollment: $75 per classroom
  • School-wide Enrollment: please contact us for special rates


The winners for each grade level will receive prizes. All Finalists will receive medals for their courage and effort in preparing for this big event.


If you'd like calendar invites to the dates below, please contact us.

Early Bird Enrollment
Monday, September 11th, 2017
Advanced Enrollment
Monday, September 25th, 2017
Regular Enrollment Begins
Friday, October 6th, 2017
2nd Harlem Spelling Bee Officially Begins
Monday, October 9th, 2017
This marks the beginning of the competition. All students and teachers/coordinators can begin using the online Leksi app to study and prepare for their Local School Competition.
Local School Competitions
Monday, October 30th - Friday, November 3rd 2017
These will determine which students advance to the next and final round, i.e. Main Event.
Main Event Finalists Announced
Monday, November 10th, 2017
We will inform all schools which students have made it to the Main Event.
Main Event
Thursday, November 16th, 2017
This is what everyone has been waiting for - the actual on-stage spelling portion of the competition.


Leksi is an online app that uses scientifically-backed methods to teach vocabulary in a fun environment. It is provided completely free for the duration of the Harlem Spelling Bee.

  • Students will use Leksi to practice their grade’s 100 words by completing a variety of games and exercises. All activities were created following researched methods to ensure the students can learn and retain as they study
  • Leksi will also provide the online exam for the Local School Competition. Those who score at the top of their school will be considered finalists
  • Teachers will use Leksi to create classrooms and student accounts, provide support, and track student progress


Each grade will have 100 words. All words are grouped by grade and can be found within the Leksi app and in the resource section for teachers/coordinators.

During the Main Event, if all 100 words are used for a given grade, the next grade's words will be used.


Using Leksi, the students will build their vocabulary and sharpen their spelling skills for their grade’s 100 words. Other tools that might help are vocabulary.com, Quizlet, or traditional methods like flashcards.

Tips and Tricks

The National Spelling Bee has a great guide you can check out for handy tips: How to Study for a Spelling Bee.

Leksi's 2nd Harlem Spelling Bee

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