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Support the education of students in the Harlem community and change their lives.

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What Benefits Does the Harlem Spelling Bee Bring?

The Spelling Bee helps promote education within the Harlem Community. As literacy is a key part of a child’s future success, furthering education can help secure our local students’ futures. The Spelling Bee is a stepping stone onto a stronger Harlem community that is educated and economically sound.

Why Should We Sponsor this Event?

In addition to helping the Harlem community and influencing the lives of students, sponsoring the event helps strengthen your business' brand. For example, post on your social media or add to your marketing materials that you assisted with the Harlem Spelling Bee and helped make it possible.

How Can We Help?

Whether it be financial contributions, in-kind donations, or just offering man and woman power to help pass out flyers, you, as our sponsor, are a vital part of the Spelling Bee.

Do You Have More Information on the Competition?

We sure do! You can check out the About the Bee page for general info and our Competition page for the specifics on the upcoming Spelling Bee.

I have a Question or Comment

We love to hear from our sponsors. If you have questions, comments, requests, or concerns, please contact us.

Leksi's 2nd Harlem Spelling Bee

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