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To simplify the enrollment process, registration is available on a per classroom basis. If you just want to enroll one classroom - great! If you want to enroll your entire grade or school - awesome! Complete the form down below to get started.

How Do the Students Prepare?

Students will use Leksi, an online application, to learn their grade’s 100 vocabulary words that will be used in the competition. The app uses scientifically backed methods to help instill an understanding of each individual word. Students will be able to practice for the Bee with the Leksi app and will take their Local School Competition via it. Leksi is provided completely free for your classroom while you prepare for the Spelling Bee.

This Sounds Great! Where Are All The Details?

You can check out all of the details by visiting our Competition page.

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Leksi's 2nd Harlem Spelling Bee

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